Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful...Girls in Purple...

The photographer at my DDs friend's wedding last summer was the groom's younger brother. He took some amazing pics and this is one of my favourites...the bride and bridesmaids before they left for the church taken from the second floor of the house. I rarely start with a white background, but after doing this I may do it more often. The dresses were a deep purple, and as you know purple is one of those colours that can be hard to match. I had so purple corrugated cardboard that went well, but was quite overpowering as a mat, so I added a white die cut frame to soften it. Then I found a paper that had a muted purple and green mosaic pattern on it. I matted this and two strips of a lighter purple in the dark purple. Feeling that the white paper was a bit too stark, I spritzed some homemade purple and peridot green glimmer mists diagonally onto the paper. I added a Prima pearl flourish and then made a load of spiral flowers in white and light and dark purple in three different sizes. I added some little half pearls to the centres of some of the flowers. I also added a few sprigs of white flowers, some leaves and a few white feathers and finally the word "beautiful"!

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