Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scrapping Day at Younique

My friend Sandy and I spent a fabulous day at Younique Country Retreat near Fergus yesterday. We arrived not long after 9a.m. and after 2 trips to the car we were unloaded for the day.  The day was Sandy's gift to me for my birthday this month...what a great gift! We scrapped all morning in the company of 8 women who were staying the weekend, had a lovely lunch prepared by Chef Jeff and our hostess Heather, then returned to the scraproom for more scrapping. Dinner was delicious, but then it was right back to scrapping for a few more hours. I gave up at 11p.m., but felt ok about it because I had completed 6 double-page l/o's. I'm working on an album of my DD's godson...he is such a cutie and so expressive.

My Buddha Impression- I love this pic...he looks like a little laughing Buddha LOL

Peek-a-Boo - Cayden seems lost in his oversized hoodie.

Share - I think he was sharing a pickle with his mom...and he looks quite put out that she took the last bite!

All Wrapped Up - Cayden looks so cute in his towel wraps after his bath.

Teething - We can all feel for a baby that is teething..and the joy of seeing those first teeth

Cool Shades - "Mom, Can I tell you a secret? We look cool in our shades". (I ran out of the letter "s" so have to pick one up this week to finish the word.

Born to Be a Storyteller - The expressions on his face look like he's telling some fantastic tales

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  1. Beautiful work Julie! Happy Birthday to you! Glad you had a great time :)