Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Having a Blast with My Art Journal !

Over the past week I have added 7 pages to my Art Journal and have had a blast doing it. I did a couple of pages at the Art Journal night at the Art House Studio's new location in glad to have Karen Ellis so close! The past two weekends I've also managed to spend a bit of time creating. This past Sunday was a lot of fun as my friend Sandy came over and brought her art journal with her. We happily spent several hours spraying, stenciling,stamping...and in general just getting mucky with glues and inks...and even managed to eat a nice roast dinner as well (thank goodness for slow cookers!). There are no titles on any of these yet...I had some quotes and words in mind while I was working on them and I think I will go back and add the titles and some private journaling on tags to be added later.


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