Thursday, May 9, 2013

Raiding the Toy Box for Gelli Printing! I didn't really raid the toy box, but only because there isn't one in the house anymore.  What I did do though, is go to the dollar store and pick up a few things.  It started out innocently enough, I just went in to pick up some wet wipes for my craft bag for a crop last week, but before I knew it I had a puzzle...a badminton raquet and birdie...and a package of textured foam shapes in my hand.  Luckily, I also remembered the wet wipes (it is so easy to get distracted when thinking of what I was going to do with these toys and my Gelli plate!).

So here are the toys....

And here are the prints using them.  Most are just single layers (first pull and ghost prints) as I wanted to show them before adding more layers. 
The first pull using the birdie.
And the ghost print... 

This one was done using the racquet...wasn't quite what I was going for and it was hard because of the size of my plate (8x10) compared to the racquet.  I didn't want to risk pressing too hard for fear of cutting into the plate.

Using the puzzle pieces....I layed a piece of netting over the top of this to add more texture.

And using the textured foam shapes...

I received a package the other day that had a few of these packing pieces in them.  I peeled off the one side to reveal the small honeycomb design. 

And here are a few more using some stencils...once I got going I didn't want to stop...but I know you know how that is! :)


  1. Wow! Now you have me wondering what I can find at the $1 store that I hadn't previously considered to use on my Gelli! Very pretty prints! I really love the birdie ones. :)

  2. The badminton birdie is fabulous! Genius!

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