Tuesday, October 1, 2013

29 Faces - #9-14

Well...not the most successful attempt at completing the 29 Faces challenge, but not quite in the category of an epic fail either.  I may continue to do a few more over the next week or so.

I did a few pencil sketches this past week on kraft paper...and then I decided to do some finger-painting on two of them. 

I'll start with the painted ones first...very primitive...but I like the way the first one turned out.

and these are the sketches...

 This one was actually done using just shading and very little outlining



  1. These are wonderful. I especially love the second one with the tilted angle. I've just started working on faces. They are addictive!

    1. thanks Marjie. Yes, striving to find what works for you and then trying to perfect it does become addictive when it comes to faces. I like Julie Balzer's style and also Dina Wakely's. Dina is coming to a store near me in a couple of weeks so I'm looking forward to taking her faces class!