Sunday, January 20, 2013

Canvas - Sleeping Beauty

I went to a crop at The Scrapping Bug last night with some friends, old and new. I really didn't have anything to scrapbook, so decided to take along my art journal and a canvas. Earlier in the week I had been sketching, still working on my faces (see earlier posts for progression of my attempts). I did a sketch that I quite liked and could then picture it on a decided to give it a try. Here is the result...acrylic and Pan Pastels for the face...the background layered with tissue and gauze for texture and then painted with acrylics and topped with "bling". I may add some more bling to this...but as usual it will need to sit on my fireplace mantel so that I can have a look at for a while until I decide what it needs.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Art Journal Group

Well I enjoyed another night at Art Journal Group at the Art House Studio last night. Karen Ellis was getting reading to leave for CHA but she graciously let us enjoy our night. The talent in the room was amazing and I had to keep getting up and walking around to see what everyone else was doing. I completed these two pages. The first is a face. I scraped on the acrylic paint with a card, painted in the face and then used a stencil to do the "hair". Then I stared at the page for a while and decided it needed something....I finally decided on adding Luminarte Silks in Ginger Peach to the edge of the page and in the centre of the flowers. I really wasn't sure about the colour combination at first...but I ended up liking the "pop" it gave the page.
Can you see what I see? This next page I also used the scrape the paint on with a card technique. I decided it looked a bit like birch trees in the I played with that a little to make it a bit more defined...but not too defined.
I'm looking forward to art journaling a bit more this weekend. I've been following Creative Jump Start and am really enjoying seeing all of the different techniques.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Art Journal pages

Over the holidays I didn't have a lot of time dedicated to my art journal...not for lack of wanting to though. I did manage to go to Art Journal group at the Art House Studio on the 27th and did these 2 pages. The colours are a lot lighter than I typically use and even when taking the photo of them today the thought "I'm not sure I'm done yet" crossed my mind. However, when I edited the photo for publishing I decided it was done afterall and that I like it...I guess it's all in the perspective of how something is viewed. These were done using a variety of stencils,sprays and stamps. I used a picture found on the internet to use as my silhouette mask over stamped number images. I then outlined the image with white paint marker on one and black marker on the other. I had bought some washi tapes a while ago and decided to use a couple of these on the page. One of them was pink polka dots that tied in with the pink spray used on the page for a punch of bright colour.

Face Challenge

Well here it face challenge results. This first one is actually the last sketch I did prior to doing the canvas in my post yesterday. So far, it is my favourite in terms of shading and actually having it look relatively like an actual person LOL. The 2nd one is the first try, done in my art journal and using water colour crayons as well as some sprays. OK...I was really trying to "save" the page by adding the stencils, but did end up liking the effect and the title "Step out from behind the mask" seemed to fit. In between there were 3 other sketches in varying degrees of "success".

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Face on Canvas

Well the holidays are over and another year has begun.  A few weeks ago, my good friend Sandy and I got together for an Art Journal day...just the two of us and lots of art supplies and one challenge...faces.  Now I don't recall trying to sketch faces since high school so my first attempts weren't great (although I will post the journal page I did later this week).  Over the next few weeks I have made several other attempts at just sketches but also had wanted to try a canvas and painting a face on it.  This is the result.

I adhered white tissue paper to the canvas making sure to capture lots of wrinkles.  I then scraped on layers of paint using a credit card.  I sketched in the face, then scraped on more colour and even did a little "finger painting" to help with some of the shading.  The quote written aling the shoulder says "Let your tears come. Let them water your soul."

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my first attempt at doing this on a canvas.