Monday, March 7, 2011

Tulle Blooms

There are so many beautiful flowers available from a number of manufacturers that you could quickly go broke buying all that you see and fall in love with. I'm a big fan of mixing purchased blooms with homemade ones. I picked up some rolls of tulle at the dollar store this weekend with the express purpose of trying to make some blooms.

I cut 3 sizes of circles and then used three layers of each size for the bloom, slightly off-setting each layer from the centre. I then used a brad to secure the layers (in one I glued the layers together). Finally, I held the bloom carefully over a tea light candle to "shrivel" the petals. A "gem" in the centre of the bloom completed the look I was going for. For the gold ones in the last pic, before assembling the layers I edged them with copper Stickles.

Hope you like them as much as I do.


  1. You have such talent! I love the last one the most!

  2. that's my favourite as well. The Stickles really sets it off. I am just adding some silver Stickles to the next purple one.

  3. Love the flowers! So soft and feminine!