Friday, January 11, 2013

Art Journal Group

Well I enjoyed another night at Art Journal Group at the Art House Studio last night. Karen Ellis was getting reading to leave for CHA but she graciously let us enjoy our night. The talent in the room was amazing and I had to keep getting up and walking around to see what everyone else was doing. I completed these two pages. The first is a face. I scraped on the acrylic paint with a card, painted in the face and then used a stencil to do the "hair". Then I stared at the page for a while and decided it needed something....I finally decided on adding Luminarte Silks in Ginger Peach to the edge of the page and in the centre of the flowers. I really wasn't sure about the colour combination at first...but I ended up liking the "pop" it gave the page.
Can you see what I see? This next page I also used the scrape the paint on with a card technique. I decided it looked a bit like birch trees in the I played with that a little to make it a bit more defined...but not too defined.
I'm looking forward to art journaling a bit more this weekend. I've been following Creative Jump Start and am really enjoying seeing all of the different techniques.


  1. The stenciled hair is a riot... love it!

  2. What fun you had! The trees are wonderful (so is the flower haired lady too)- I can almost see a person peeking out from behind a tree on the left side!