Sunday, January 6, 2013

Art Journal pages

Over the holidays I didn't have a lot of time dedicated to my art journal...not for lack of wanting to though. I did manage to go to Art Journal group at the Art House Studio on the 27th and did these 2 pages. The colours are a lot lighter than I typically use and even when taking the photo of them today the thought "I'm not sure I'm done yet" crossed my mind. However, when I edited the photo for publishing I decided it was done afterall and that I like it...I guess it's all in the perspective of how something is viewed. These were done using a variety of stencils,sprays and stamps. I used a picture found on the internet to use as my silhouette mask over stamped number images. I then outlined the image with white paint marker on one and black marker on the other. I had bought some washi tapes a while ago and decided to use a couple of these on the page. One of them was pink polka dots that tied in with the pink spray used on the page for a punch of bright colour.


  1. I really like that number strip and the silhouette you used. I see some new product is coming out from Dina @ CHA where they'll be pre-cut and maskable... nifty.

  2. I love how you've combined stencils and inks, and how you outlined the image top left.