Friday, April 19, 2013

Birds of a Feather

Last night I was in the zone!  I went to the Thursday night Art Journal Group at the Art House Studio and decided that instead of working in my art journal I would take my Gelli Plate and just play....and play I did.  I did so many prints that I am going to post them in three different posts today and tomorrow.

I've been following along with Carolyn Dube's Gelli Printing Workshop (see button at the right). This first batch was done using handmade stencils of birds.

This one is probably my favourite print of the night.  A few layers were done for the using a piece of cardboard covered with "holey" drywall tape and the top layer done using chipboard flourishes.  Finally I layed my bird stencil over magenta paint and added that as the final layer. 


This next one was done using the same stencil, only this time using the cut-out part as a mask.  The blue circles were done using a foam placemat found at the dollar of my favourite dollar store finds (see earlier posts on my dollar store haul! much fun stuff to be found there!).  I can see this one being a fun journal page...

Another favourite from the night.  I used a die cut bird from my scrapbook supplies as a mask for this one after pressing my chipboard flourish onto the paint to lift most of it off (those chipboard pieces are now gorgeously covered with paint and will be used on a layout soon I'm sure).

For this one I used an embossing folder to get the design in the background.  The birds were then done using the netting found over a box of clementines and the bird stencil. 

This one produced a big "oooohhhhhhh!" when I pulled it off the Gelli Plate.  This was just one layer but I loved the way it pulled up all the bits and colours from previous pulls.  I used the die cut bird again as well as a "branch" made from fun foam...and of course my favourite big bubble wrap.

Another handmade stencil of birds.  This time I layered it in black on top of this colourful print.  I would love to try this again, maybe with a parrot or toucan stencil. I love how the circle portion (again from the foam placemat) in the upper right looks like the sunset....

Birds in the moonlight anyone?  This is another favourite.  A few layers...and ending with the birds situated over one of the light circles.


  1. Lovely stencil work, my favourite is the last one.

  2. Lovely stencil images. Like Sharon I love the moonlight one best. I have been using bubblewrap a lot with my plate it works so well!

  3. I can feel your joy in this post! So glad you shared this with the party!

  4. I like the aqua one. I don't usually try to make pictures with my gelli since I like the random background look, but I like some of these and may give it a try, especially with birds.

  5. Love, love, LOVE the little bird stencils especially the little bird in the moonlight! Birds are on my list of images to find and print out for my next stencil cutting session.

  6. ooooooh, these are really great. i like all of them, but like you i think the first one is my fav.

  7. very nice...I think I have the same dollarstore foam placemat(it does an awesome print). Love all the birds