Friday, April 19, 2013

Under the Sea

As previously noted, I have been following along with Carolyn Dube's Gelli Printing Workshop. I had to laugh at the one workshop when she used a mermaid stencil as I had just finished cutting my own.  My DD had let me know she was thinking of getting a mermaid tattoo so we had been looking at mermaid images.  While I was making the mermaid stencil I also made some of shells and seahorses.  This batch of prints were made using these stencils.

This one was a second pull using the shell stencil.  I then used the orange crate netting under the mermaid stencil.  Definitely a journal page...

This is a close up of the shell.

The base of this one is a second pull and I love all the bits pulled from previous prints.  You can even see the imprint of the branch made from fun foam in the upper left.  I then used magenta and blue and the shell stencil for the next layer.  The top layer is my mermaid stencil.  I used the tip of a piece of cardboard to make lines for her hair and the embossing folder pressed over her lower body for her scales.  I love this one and am definitely going back to work on it more tonight...thinking Pan Pastels....

This page is still in progress....but loving it already! 

I used the seahorse and mermaid stencils as masks for this one...another fun journal page. 

Ghosts prints and shell stencils....lots of yumminess happening on this page already...

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