Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept 2013 29 Faces Challenge - Faces 1-5

A bit slow out of the starting block for the September 2013 29 Faces Challenge, but at least I have started.  First I did a few pencil sketches...practicing different views. 

Then I took one of these and copied it over onto a journal page that had some "mop up" paint on.  I wanted it to be 'rough', done quickly with minimum paint strokes and colours.  I actually quite like how it turned out. 



  1. I like all your faces, but the last is my favorite. I admire people who can use a minimum of brush strokes to create a face.

  2. I like your profiles and 3/4 view sketches. I think I may need to try something like that. I think it gives more life to the drawing. Very nice.