Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dollar Store Haul for Gelli Plate Fun

I have been having SO much fun with my Gelli Plate lately and it seems I am always on the lookout for interesting patterns that I might be able to use.  Yesterday, I found myself wandering through a dollar store and local surplus store and examining just about everything for Gelli Plate potential LOL.  And this is what I found...

A mat for the bottom of the circles.
A mat for the bottom of the kitchen sink...great grid pattern.
A silicon pot holder...another grid pattern.
Flip flops...look at all the different patterns on the soles!
Silicone ice cube tray...almost a chevron pattern.
Slip prevention liner for rugs...great woven texture.
Silicone basting brush...dying to try this out!
Plastic wall decal - quite large but kind of cool.
Shelf liner...amazing pattern on this one.

Now let me show you what I did with them....I'm going to have a lot of fun with this as I add more layers to them.

Shelf liner with geometric stencil over top.

Bottom of child's flip flop

Bottom of man's flip flop.

Silicon Basting Brush (looks a bit like jelly fish).
 Non-slip Rug Liner.

The shelf liner after pressing onto the Gelli Plate.

Silicon pot holder / trivet.

Second print from the shelf liner pattern.
And some more favourites turned out to be on the 4x6 cards.



  1. AWESOME DS finds and even better prints!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. I so have to find that tub mat- those circles grabbed me the second I saw them! Thank you so much for sharing the treasures you've found and the stunning prints you've made with them! So glad you shared these with the party!

  3. Those are so gorgeous! What a great haul at the dollar store.... makes me want to head out right now and look for tub mats!

  4. Great finds and great results. What fun!

  5. I love how adventurous you have been experimenting with all the everyday items at home to create this fabulous assortment of prints and your Dollar store haul looks great too! I will definitely have to go raid the kitchen utensils now and play! xx

  6. I love your thinking outside of the craftroom! I think I'll raid my childrens plastic toys later to see what patterns I can find, I'm thinking legos should be fun :)

  7. I've cut up a plastic Dollar Store basket to get the cool oval design. Now I need to go back and find that cool shelf paper you bought!!

  8. Thank You for sharing all ur DS goodies. I have to go get the mat an raid my grdkids toys to see wat interesting shapes I come up with. All ur pieces r fabulous. Ty for sharing.

  9. Great ideas! Love the cards, too, they look gorgeous. Suzanne

  10. Sweet texture finds! I'm definitely making a trip to my local dollar store as you've given me even more ideas. The great thing about the shoes, you have two of them to use with each pair! :)