Monday, March 18, 2013

Mini Gelli Print Journal

It's an know it and I know it...the more I read from others that have a Gelli Plate, the more I realize that I am not alone...that we are all addicted LOL.  But it is so much fun!

The papers add up though...piles and piles of them.  I started to try to think of what I could do with all the pages I've been printing.  I will definitely bind some to make an art journal or two so that I can have a journal full of already completed backgrounds that I can add to.  This weekend I also started a couple of mini art journals...or maybe mini-albums.  For one, I joined pre-made cards together with tape to form a multi-fold accordian card.  I then covered the pages with Gelli prints cut to size.  For the second one, I cut a 12x12 sheet of black cardstock in half and scored it at the 6" point to form a folded 6x6" card.  I then joined 3 of these strips together, and again covered each 6x6 square with a Gelli print. I placed some ribbon in between the cardstock and printed papers for the front and back covers as well.

I added some circle and heart shapes cut from the papers I used to clean my brayer after spreading paint on my Gelli plate.  Then I started adding things to the pages as they came to me....die cuts, markers, words, paint, etc.   

This is still a work in progress, but here are some photos for now.


  1. Nice accordion journals! I like the page with the blue background and pink flower.

  2. Hi Julie, just checking out this post and your blog. Love it all! Obviously, you are just as much a Gelli plate addict as I am. Cheers! Joanna