Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Faces...#25-28

Well it took longer than I expected, but I was really committed to finishing the 29 Faces Challenge.

Here are four more faces completed over the past week.  Just one more to go.

This is another Gelli print.  I've always loved looking at the clouds to see what shapes I can see there so I was very excited when I was looking through my pages for the umpteenth time for pages that would fit on my mini-album and I saw a face in this one that I hadn't seen before.  I love it when that happens...

This one I initially wanted to do a grey scale watercolour wash on it...ended up with a Smurfette LOL...I actually don't mind the blue on lips...

Two more sketches...the first with charcoal...kind of spooky...but there are parts of it that I like.  The second one...a bit "wonky"...LOL

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