Monday, February 25, 2013

Face #23

Still a couple of faces / days behind, but almost there.  This is one of my personal favourites so it sat on the mantel last night for me to look at it the thought "nailed it!" popped into my head LOL.  I think it is the best technically in terms of the features, especially the eyes which I haven't been happy with to date.  I like the pink lips in an otherwise neutral tone, and they really pop surrounded by the pink background.  I did this as a pencil sketch and then PanPastels.  I am still building my PanPastel colours...most are neutrals and I have now started to add more vibrant colours to my collection. 


  1. She is beautiful, very elegant!
    Thanks for participating in the 29 faces challenge!

  2. inspiring...i'm jealous but grateful to see this