Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Faces #14 & 15

I saw Julie Fei-Fan Balzer do this in one of her Gelli Plate videos and thought it was cool, so decided to try a version of it. First, I painted a face onto my Gelli Plate. I then took a print of the face which lifted most of the paint (bottom picture). This page already had a light Gelli print on it. Then I took a 2nd print onto another Gelli print that had a bolder and more defined pattern on it (middle picture). Finally, I covered the rest of the paint on the Gelli Plate with a thin layer of paint and took a print of it. Not only did it pick up the rest of the face outline, but it also picked up the stencil design below that. The third one is the only one that I've added more details to with additional acrylic paint (top picture). I really like the second one as it is and will probably just add more details with the Gelli Plate and stamps around the edges. The bottom one...definitely needs more added to it. So for now...Faces 14 and 15 are the top and middle pics (I won't count the bottom one for now LOL).




  1. How very cool! Love what you've done with your GP. Carolyn Dube has a GP party going on you may want to join. Her blog is called A Colorful Journey.