Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gelli Plate Print meets 29 Faces

Last night I was feeling a little antsy about doing Face #6 for the 29 Faces challenge. Faces 1-5 were easy because they were already done during the last few weeks before I had even heard of 29 Faces. So there I was waiting for inspiration to hit...for the creative juices to flow...and then I fell asleep LOL. When I woke up almost an hour later, I felt even more under pressure (self-induced of course LOL). I started looking through the Gelli Plate prints that I had made over the last couple of weeks. One of my favourites was a single layer print in black and gold. I had thought I might use it for a scrapbook layout, but as I looked at it I could see what looked to me like the outline of a face...long dark hair...jawline...neck...eyes (ok...only one eye...). So, with a thin brush and some paint I drew and filled in the details of what I was seeing. I kept it simple, allowing the shading and colouring of the original print to remain the same. I added a little to define neck shadows, but that was it. I have included the original print below...can you see what I saw when I started this face?


  1. Your faces are wonderful.
    I too love to play with the Gelli plate it makes for some wonderful backgrounds.

  2. I love it when things start to reveal themselves!