Friday, February 8, 2013

Moody Blues - Faces #8 & #9

Last night was my art journal group and it seemed like the blue paint was permanently in my hand. I started doing some Gelli prints and when I had covered my allotted space (and some of the space beside me) with prints I stopped and moved on to trying a new face. I wasn't feeling too inspired at first, so I picked up a 4x6 card that I had done a Gelli print on last week and started doodling on it. I wasn't too pleased with it so moved on to a clean page in my journal. I smeared some fleshtone paint across my page and waited for it to dry...and for inspiration to hit. The paint dried and still no back to my doodle. I smeared two shades of blue and some magenta on the page with a credit card and waited for it to dry. Then I doodled curls / wavy hair on the page. I then glued my 4x6 card onto the page...the colours were the same but the pattern different. I'm not thrilled with it...but I don't hate it LOL. Back to the fleshtone page...I sketched out a turned out to be a man (didn't see that coming as I don't think I've drawn a man for 30 years). I used PanPastels to shade the face...decided he was going to be a bald man as I wasn't sure about doing a man's hair and the white at the top of his head where the fleshtone ended look a bit like a shiny pate :). And before I knew it the blue paint was back in my hand and being smeared across the page (I guess I was also in a smearing mood). I decided I was done...but as my bald blue man kept looking back at me from the tabletop I suddenly grabbed some light blue and green, put a couple of dabs on my scrap paper, rolled my brayer into to paint, rolled most of it off again and then rolled the brayer over his face...a few times LOL, all the while my friend was saying "what are you doing?" and "are you sure?". And then I kind of liked it...although my daughter asked me to turn the page when I put it up on the mantel last night (I always do that to look to see if a page is really finished)...she thought he was creepy LOL. I guess I had it in my head that I would get progressively better at drawing faces while participaing in this challenge...I've decided that is not the case LOL and it's just about trying different things and having fun. So now I'm a day ahead of myself in the 29 faces challenge...only 20 more to go!


  1. I love your face and how wonderful meeting you!